Print Guidelines

Size: Each product has it's own image size specifications. Please click on a link below for size guidelines.
Color: RGB color is not acceptable and must be converted to CMYK before being submitted for print.
Resolution: 350 dpi (dots per inch). Start with a quality image with the highest possible resolution. Avoid sizing images up, as image sizing can result in a loss of image quality. Photos taken off the web, pulled from PowerPoint or taken with a digital camera with less than 4 mega pixels do not contain enough image resolution and are unacceptable. Avoid clip art images.
Fonts: Fonts should be converted to paths (outlines) if possible. We are not able to guarantee we can use your provided fonts. If there are font compatablity issues, we will match your font with the font match closest to yours.
File Formats: We accept working files in Adobe Acrobat (pdf), Illustrator CS (.ai), PhotoShop (.psd), (.tiff) and (.jpeg). Vector programs such as Adobe Illustrator need all working files packaged with fonts and linked images.

Guidelines for Submitting Images and Logos when Customizing Stock Product
Submitting Images: Client submitted logos and photographs must be approved for image quality. For questions, please email images and logos with your order information to an MMA Grafx Specialist for review:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Image Requirements: Quality photo requirements are 350 dpi, CMYK images with a reasonable image size (approx. the size of a standard 4" X 6" photo). RGB images are not acceptable. Images downloaded from the web are also unacceptable as they do not contain the print resolution required for print products.
Logo Requirements: We accept logos created in the following formats: Vector formats (spot color): .ai, .eps, .pdf Raster formats (350 dpi and CMYK color): .tif, .psd, .pdf, .jpg (jpegs must be 350 dpi).Note: Vector fomated logos are preferred.